The inaugural Move Suffolk Week campaign took place in May 2019, and it was such a success that we’re doing it all over again between 16-24 May 2020!

Get ready to get moving Suffolk!


Celebrate the amazing range of opportunities there are to be active in Suffolk

Educate everyone about how active they should be for good health

Motivate everyone in Suffolk to get moving or to move more often

Working with our friends and partners we’ve pulled together a range of free sessions and offers for you to try or share with someone that you know would benefit from being more active.

Being more active isn’t so difficult and doesn’t have to cost a lot – we all just need to move or move more.

Walk round the block, run, dance, cycle, wiggle, jiggle, jump, great run local, salsa, skip, hop, stretch, walk the dog, down dog, parkrun, exercise from your armchair, gym it, walk to school, take a class, bowl, break dance, hip-hop, play a sport, row, parkour, sweep the floor…just move or move more!

the free offers will be available here in May

Our friends and partners have joined togther to bring a wealth of great offers and free sessions

So don’t just sit there … find out what you can do to MOVE MORE!