Try Tai Chi for FREE

With Suffolk Tai Chi Academy

Simply turn up at any of the classes shown below, mention Move Suffolk Week and give it a go! Comfortable clothing and flat shoes are all that is needed.


Kesgrave Suffolk Week 
10:00-12.00pm Tai Chi Improvers (High Hall)
10:00- 11.00 am Tai Chi Beginners (Low Hall) Lok Hup Tai Chi Beginners

2:15-4:15pm Tai Chi Improvers II


09:00-10:30am Lok Hup Tai Chi Improvers
09.30-10.30am Lok Hup Beginners
10:30-12:30pm Strength & Balance


06:00-8:00pm Tai Chi Improvers I

07:00-8:30pm Tai Chi Improvers I


1:00pm-2:00pm Tai Chi Beginners.
2:15-3:15pm Tai Chi Improvers I
3:30-5:00pm Lok Hup Beginners


1:00-2:00pm Beginners
2:00-4:00pm Tai Chi Improvers I

About Tai Chi

The form of Tai Chi movements and the gentle manner in which they are made, stretch the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in a natural way, resulting in more flexibility, looser joints and a feeling of relaxation.

Blood flow is improved too – partly because of the looser joints – but mainly as a direct result of the stretching and relaxing exercises. Better blood circulation helps the lymphatic, nervous and digestive systems to run more efficiently as well. With good circulation, the body will heal and rejuvenate itself naturally.

Unlike other exercise regimes involving stretching, Tai Chi engages the whole body. The more you connect the whole body, the more relaxation is achieved and the more effective the exercise is.

Pain can reduce, medication can work better and you will feel lighter…and happier!