Workplace Health campaign – May-June 2019


OneLife Suffolk, the free healthy lifestyle service commissioned by Suffolk County Council, is preparing to launch a new campaign this May inviting businesses across the county to work towards achieving a healthier workforce.

The campaign, which will launch mid-May, invites employers to encourage and inspire staff to make a pledge towards fulfilling a healthier lifestyle. Over a six-week period, employers that choose to sign up to the campaign will be provided with tips, advice and resources that will support them to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees. It will emphasise the benefits to organisations who look after the health of their employees, with an overall healthier workforce and increased productivity as a result.

The campaign will launch during Move Suffolk Week and the first phase will focus on physical activity, offering hints and tips about how we can increase physical activity in the workplace. A different area of workplace health will be explored each week throughout the campaign.

OneLife Suffolk’s free workplace package will be launched as part of this campaign, which includes the offer of free workplace NHS Health Checks. Since 2017, 184 employers across the county have already benefitted from OneLife Suffolk’s offer of free workplace NHS Health Checks for employees.

The NHS Health Check is a national screening which is offered to 40-74 year olds. The check, tests individual’s cholesterol, blood pressure, height and weight, whilst also assessing their overall risk of developing diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, Stroke and Heart Disease. Across England, it is recognised that the NHS Health Check programme is preventing approximately 300 premature deaths (before 80 years old) and resulting in an additional 1,000 people at age 80 years being free of cardiovascular diseases, dementia, and lung cancer each year in England. Since OneLife Suffolk are also the providers of Weight Management, Stop Smoking and Health Walks across the county, it means local people can be effectively supported to make appropriate behaviours changes that will result in them reducing their risk of disease and managing a healthier lifestyle following an NHS Health Check.

As well as supporting staff to make changes to their own health and wellbeing, one lucky employer that signs up to the workplace health campaign, will also be awarded a prize as an incentive which will help them to improve their working environment.

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